Skip tracing is the process of locating a person who has skipped or left without leaving a forwarding address. It is a valuable tool for a variety of industries, including real estate, collections, and law enforcement. Skip tracing software for real estate investors can make this process easier and much more efficient. In this article, we will discuss what skip tracing is, how to use skip tracing software effectively and the best skip tracing software for real estate investors.

What is Skip Tracing Software?

Skip tracing software is a tool that allows users to search for and locate individuals, businesses, or property owners. These tools typically use a variety of data sources, such as public records, social media, and credit reports, to provide users with contact information, property ownership records, and other relevant information.

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How to Use Skip Tracing Software Effectively

Whether wholesaling, flipping or another strategy,  it’s important to understand how to use this software effectively. 

Understand What Information is Available

To effectively use skip tracing software, it’s important to start by understanding the information that is available and how to access it. Many skip tracing software tools offer advanced search capabilities, such as the ability to search by name, address, or phone number, as well as the ability to filter results by specific criteria, such as location or property ownership.

Analyze the Information Provided before Taking Action

Another key aspect of effectively using skip tracing software is understanding how to interpret and utilize the information that is provided. For example, if you are looking for a property owner, you may want to pay attention to the property’s ownership history, as well as any recent transactions or changes in ownership.

Double Check the Quality of Data

Another important factor to consider is the quality of data provided by the software. Some skip tracing software may provide more accurate and up-to-date information than others. It’s important to research and compare different software options to find one that offers the best data quality.

Additionally, some software also offer features like automated email campaigns and built-in dialer which can help the users to reach out to the leads more effectively. These are all features you should consider when selecting the best skip tracing software for real estate investors. Keep reading for a breakdown of some of the most popular software for skip tracing.

Top 5 Best Skip Tracing Software for Real Estate Investors

#1: Propstream

Propstream is a powerful skip tracing software that offers a wide range of data sources and search capabilities. It is designed specifically for real estate investors, and it provides a wealth of information about properties and property owners.


One of the main strengths of Propstream is its user-friendly interface. The software is easy to navigate, and it provides users with a wealth of information in a clear and concise format. This makes it easy for users to find the information they need quickly and efficiently.

Another great feature of Propstream is its comprehensive search capabilities. The software allows users to search for properties and property owners by a variety of criteria, including address, name, and phone number. This makes it easy to find the information you need, even if you only have a small amount of information to start with.

Propstream also offers a wealth of information about the properties themselves, including ownership history, property value, and local market data. This can be a valuable resource for real estate investors looking to make informed decisions about properties.


One downside of Propstream is that it may be a bit more expensive than other skip tracing software options on the market when you include the monthly fee.


12 cents each plus $99/month. The monthly subscription does include a nice suite of add ons and features. Additional add ons are available as well for other useful tools.


Overall, Propstream is a powerful and user-friendly skip tracing software that is specifically designed for real estate investors. It offers a wide range of data sources and search capabilities, and it provides a wealth of information about properties and property owners. Despite the monthly cost requirement, it is a valuable tool for those looking to make informed decisions about properties and find the right leads.

#2: Skip Genie

Skip Genie is a comprehensive software solution that offers a variety of features for real estate investors. With its powerful search capabilities, users can locate individuals and properties, and obtain their contact information and ownership records.

The software allows searches by name, address, or property, and also provides information on related individuals and properties. Skip Genie is a subscription-based service, with pricing starting at $58 per month for 100 searches, and additional searches available at a cost of $0.17 each. The software is considered to be one of the best options for new real estate investors due to its user-friendly interface and reliable, up-to-date data.

The founders of Skip Genie built the platform to address their own need for accurate and current information, and the company’s focus is on helping investors quickly locate property owners and sellers.

At the time of writing, there are no additional add-ons offered, but Skip Genie does provide coaching on finding motivated sellers and negotiating deals.

#3: Batch Skip Tracing

BatchSkipTracing is a tool designed for real estate investors by real estate investors, and is part of the BatchService platform which specializes in lead generation.

It seamlessly integrates with other BatchService tools such as BatchLeads and BatchDialer.

BatchSkipTracing claims to have a higher “right party contact” rate than competitors in the industry by separating phone numbers into columns indicating if they are landline, VOIP, or mobile and scoring each number per contact. With 325 million records available, including 99% of the U.S. population, and over 45,000 businesses serviced, it is considered a major player in the skip tracing industry.

One advantage of BatchSkipTracing is that it does not require a subscription commitment, but instead charges $0.20 per result, which is higher than some other services, but less of a commitment.

#4: REISift

REISift is a data sorting tool designed to help real estate investors clean and organize their lists. It allows users to upload their own lists and will soon have access to a nationwide real estate database that can be overlaid with their own lists.

One of its key features is the ability to omit records that have already been found, known as “list stacking.” REISift is also a comprehensive data management and CRM tool, including features such as automated workflows, tasks, direct mailers, and skip tracing (for an additional cost).

The tool’s founder is an active investor who uses the platform himself. REISift offers a membership starting at $49 per month, with skip tracing at $0.17 per record on the lowest-tier plan and $0.12 per record on the highest-tier plan.

Overall, REISift is a great solution for consolidating and organizing data in one place.

#5: Mojo Skip Tracer

Mojo offers a low-cost, monthly subscription service for unlimited bulk skip tracing. However, the software has a lower hit rate compared to other real estate skip tracing tools.

One benefit of Mojo’s skip tracing tool is its integration with the Mojo Dialer, a popular phone dialer system for real estate investors. The tool can display property data on off-market listings, along with owner names, addresses, phone and email, but is not available in certain states and Canada. Mojo is a suite of sales tools that can help marketers, salespeople, and business owners in various industries, including a lead manager, data organizer, marketing software, and mobile app.

For $59 per month, users can access unlimited people and property searches. The process is simple, just import your file into the lead manager and initiate the skip tracer to validate addresses, extract tax and deed data, and append it with consumer contact information.

Wrapping Up – Best Skip Tracing Software for Real Estate Investors

Skip tracing is a process used to locate a person who has left without providing a forwarding address, and is useful for industries such as real estate, collections, and law enforcement. Skip tracing software is a tool that helps locate individuals, businesses, or property owners using various data sources such as public records, social media, and credit reports. To effectively use skip tracing software, it is important to understand the available information and how to access it, analyze the information provided, and double check the quality of data. This article discusses 5 of the best skip tracing software for real estate investors. Hopefully it answers all of your questions!